Differentiation of “SANBIO” technology from competitors with so-called “bioactive” products based on esoteric pseudo-scientific production methods

Gutenborn, Germany (May 08, 2023) – Unfortunately, a competitor is deliberately spreading untrue claims about the “SANBIO” brand products manufactured by SANBOS GmbH – Germany. The competitor in question claims that SANBIO products are a copy of its products. This claim is false!

We feel compelled to publish this statement and to correct the facts as follows:

  1. SANBOS GmbH does not cooperate with manufacturers or distributors of esoteric or dubious products.
  2. The technology used in the manufacture of SANBIO products was developed by the founder of the company.
  3. Claims to the contrary are a lie and deliberate damage to the company’s reputation.
  4. Defamation and damage to reputation are criminal offences. We reserve the right to take legal action against the company and persons concerned.

Explanation of the esoteric pseudoscientific approach

The market participant in question uses so-called resonance accumulators (also called orgone energy accumulators) to produce his “bioactive products”. Here, the frequency of the oxygen atom is to be transferred from the atmosphere via the accumulator to the carrier material.

The orgone energy accumulator is an esoteric instrument that is supposed to absorb the hypothetical orgone energy from the environment in order to release it again as a bundled beam “purified and refined”. Orgone is the name of a universal energy claimed by the Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). Reich believed to have discovered it in the late 1930s, but there is no scientifically accepted evidence for the existence of such an energy. The first critic of the orgone concept, Albert Einstein, called Reich’s “orgone hypothesis” an illusion. He informed Reich of this by letter on 7 February 1941, concluding: “I hope that this will develop your scepticism, that you will not be deceived by an illusion which is in itself understandable.”

The method of how the accumulators used are supposed to “collect” the undetectable orgone energy from space, transport it to the carrier material and superimpose an oxygen frequency there is absolutely incomprehensible with scientific expertise and belongs to the realm of myths and fairy tales.

SANBOS GmbH would like to distance itself sharply from providers of esoteric pseudo-scientific products.

Explanation of the SANBIO approach based on scientific evidence

SANBIO Biocatalytic Stimulation Technology” is a technology based on the use of electric and magnetic fields to change the crystal structure of materials and to influence plant and animal cells through bioelectric signals.

Through the application of electric and magnetic fields, certain materials can be specifically treated to change their structure and thereby specifically influence their properties such as conductivity, electro-potential, charge distribution, etc.

Plant and animal cells communicate and interact through bioelectric signals, among other things. These signals play an important role in various cellular processes, such as signal transmission in the immune system, the release of hormones or the regulation of metabolic processes. By influencing these bioelectrical signals, certain cellular reactions can be stimulated or inhibited.

SANBIO technology is based on scientifically sound research and development and is an interdisciplinary application of electrophysics, materials science, materials engineering and electrophysiology.

SANBIO products are manufactured according to strict quality standards and quality controls to ensure the purity, efficacy and safety of the manufactured products.

Mechanisms, actions and effects are proven by international scientific studies.

SANBIO is a proprietary development of SANBOS GmbH – Germany. The SANBIO technology was developed by the company founder Mr Jörg MEYER. The electrical machine builder and engineer for electrical engineering and computer science has been working in the field of electric and magnetic fields for over 40 years and has transferred his expert knowledge from the high-tech areas of the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology for use in biotechnology.

The facility for manufacturing SANBIO products contains a large number of technical components such as power supply units, programmable controllers, a system of large magnetic coils and electrical capacitors. The controllable magnetic and electric fields generated in this way enable the active modification of material properties.

Magnetised, electrically charged or polarised materials can specifically influence (trigger) certain processes in plants and farm animals at the intracellular level, such as the release of target hormones for growth, activation of the immune system, physico-chemical adsorption of toxins, etc.

The mechanism of electrical interaction and stimulation of cells by bioelectrical signals distinguishes SANBIO products from those of other manufacturers.


About SANBOS GmbH: SANBOS GmbH is a biotech company based in Gutenborn, Germany. Founded in 2006, SANBOS is developing and producing new generation of bioactivators used in crop production, animal husbandry and aquaculture. SANBOS® and SANBIO® are registered trademarks of the SANBOS GmbH – Germany. The SANBIO Biocatalytic Stimulation Technology is a proprietary development of SANBOS GmbH and is based on sophisticated scientific evidence-based research and development. The production of SANBIO products follows strict quality standards and quality controls to ensure the purity, efficacy and safety of the manufactured products.

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