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Improved plant health

through optimal start conditions

The stimulation of root growth, their colonization by beneficial microorganisms and fungi, as well as the displacement of pathogenic antagonists improve phytosanitary sustainably. This increases the resistance to fungal diseases, drought and saline soils. The increase of microbial activity in the soil promotes the formation of humus and the storage capacity for water. This creates the best conditions for optimum care and growth of the plant.


Higest level

of performance by optimal supply

The improved ion exchange in the soil and the targeted fertilization with trace elements and nutrients ensure an optimal supply of the plant. The stimulation of metabolic processes such as photosynthesis and assimilate transport, promotes performance reserve and enables higher yields.


Improved profitability

through cost savings, higher yields and better quality

The cost of fertilizers and pesticides can be reduced due to the improved supply and plant health. By higher yields, better quality and longer shelf life of the products higher sales revenues can be achieved. The use of the products in organic farming opens up additional sources of income.



Improved profitability

by reducing costs for feed stuffs and less medication effort

A better use of ingredients leads to improvement of feed conversion ratio and costly protein and phosphorus components can be replaced. This reduces feed costs sustainably. A stabilized animal health helps to lowering the expenses for health prevention and medication .


Highest level of performance

through better utilization of nutrients

The active gut stabilization by a healthy intestinal flora improves protein digestibility significantly. The animals have available more amino acids for muscle growth. This results in higher daily weight gain and improved feed efficiency.
Improved animal health

through feed quality and stable hygiene


The active protection against pathogens in animal feed and drinking water prevents losses of raw material and increases the quality of feed.

The efficient detoxification by adsorption of mycotoxins and endotoxins relieves the immune system, increases the well-being and performance of the animals. The treatment of liquid and solid manure in the barn and slurry tanks leads to lower nitrogen release (ammonia), improves the air quality in the barnes and optimizes the fertilizer value of the manure.

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