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SANBIO Mode of action
The microbial degradation of cellulose-containing ingredients by hydrolysis also enables the conditioning of liquid manure with a high straw content.
A homogenous and flowable slurry is formed by dissolving the settling and floating layers.
The rapid and sustained reduction of odors and harmful gases – such as ammonia – improves the stable air significantly. The welfare and animal health can be positively influenced.
The binding of ammonium nitrogen and their fixation in the manure improves the nitrogen balance and the fertilizer value.
The active microhabitat of microbes and enzymes accelerates the rotting process and improves the hygienization in the composting of organic waste.
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Already a low concentration of ammonia causes irritation to the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract. Pathogens penetrate the injured mucosa and weaken the immune defence. This often leads to secondary infections, e.g. in the gastrointestinal tract, which exacerbate the disease and adversely affect the course. The bad condition affects food intake and feed conversion. The economic damage, caused by respiratory diseases in the rearing of poultry and pigs, is enormous. An improved stall hygiene and the reduction of ammonia in the house air – by use of SANBIO TERRA – are important prophylactic measures to improve animal health. The improve of the body’s defenses and deactivation of toxins can be achieved by the use of the complementary product SANBIO SANA.

Selected case studies

of emissions in barnes
A= Ammoniac gas %

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Technological additive for the treatment of liquid and solid manure and the composting of organic waste.
  • Decomposes straw and homogenizes the slurry.
  • Dissolves floating and sinking layers.
  • Reduces ammonia and odor.
  • Preserves and increases nitrogen fertilizer value of manure.
  • Optimizes rotting in composting.
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SANBIO® Manure
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