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SANBIO Mode of action

The stimulation of the immune system leads to the relief of reproductive disorders.
In the gut and rumen the formation of the digestive enzymes and the natural flora is promoted and thus improves the digestion. Toxins are effectively bound, deactivated and removed from the animal body.
High cell counts – caused by Mastitis – can be reduced quickly and effectively, the production and quality of milk will to be improved.
More solid excrements due to reduced diarrhea improve the air quality in the barns and reduce the effort for cleaning.
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Even a low contamination of feed with mycotoxins leads to reduced feed intake, poor feed conversion and performance degradation. Higher toxin loads lead to anorexia and severe disease manifestations. This results in significant economic losses.

Endotoxins are bacterial toxins. Released in the intestine, they are absorbed through the intestine wall and thus reach the bloodstream. Inflammations of the intestine wall caused by mycotoxins facilitate the infiltration into the bloodstream. Even a low concentration of free endotoxins influences the immune system and exerts its damaging effect in many parts of the organism. Thus a variety of typical inflammations can be triggered. Endotoxins affect animal health and performance significantly.

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Produktionsdaten Milchkühe
Zellzahlen im Verlauf von 5 Monaten
Binding capacity
on Mycotoxins %



Toxin concentration:
AFB1, Deoxynivalenol, Tearalenone: 0,5 ppm
Ochratoxin, T2-Toxin, Fumonisin: 0,25 ppm
Dosage: 0,2% = 2kg SANBIO SANA / tonne
of emissions in barnes



A= Ammoniac gas %
We recommend the following products
Binder, anti-caking agent and coagulant adsorbs mycotoxins and endotoxins fast and effective.
  • works selectively and binds no vitamins and nutrients
  • stimulates digestion and improves performance level.
  • stable in different pH ranges.
  • improves pellet quality and counteracts clogging of the feed.
  • thermal stability during pelleting and extrusion.
Technological additive for the treatment of liquid and solid manure and the composting of organic waste.
  • Decomposes straw and homogenizes the slurry.
  • Dissolves floating and sinking layers.
  • Reduces ammonia and odor.
  • Preserves and increases nitrogen fertilizer value of manure.
  • Optimizes rotting in composting.
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