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About us


is your competent partner for efficient
and sustainable products for crop production,
animal husbandry and aquaculture.
Our products are effective,
economical and meet the
highest quality standards.

„Reliability and uncompromising quality
are the benchmark of our work.“
Dipl.-Ing. Joerg Meyer


We guarantee you carefully selected raw materials, gentle processing, quality and effectiveness!

Nature instead of chemicals.

Many of our products contain only natural ingredients and contain no chemical additives or preservatives.

Uncompromising organic standards.
Selected products are suitable for organic farming and meet the main European and international standards.

Freshness and shelf life. Each batch is produced on order, is always fresh and has a good shelf life.

Our standards

What we do?

We produce and distribute high-quality products
to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the
organic and conventional agriculture and aquaculture.

Only optimized yields and sustainable
business secure your profits permanently.

We see the world
through your eyes.

Why we are the right choice?

We are competent, reliable and responsible.

We strive for a solid and long-term partnership with our customers,
partners and suppliers.

What drives us?

We want to inspire our customers!

Of certified products with high
and long-lasting effectivenes.

From optimized yields and cost savings.

From expertise and
delivery reliability.

Acting Responsibly.

We produce our products with modern environmentally friendly processes.
We continuously ensure the quality on the basis of a strict management system.

We invest in the training of our staff.
We promote social projects and sports clubs.

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