Evaluation of efficacy of feed additives Sanbio SANA and Sanbio VITA on productive performance of weaners, Belgorod State Agricultural University, Russia

Belgorod, Russia (June 19, 2015) – Weaning is a stressful experience for young weaners, affecting them both socially and physiologically. In many piggeries weaning is more stressful than it should be, with severe growth checks and even deaths. These deaths and growth checks have a large impact on grower herd performance, resulting in reduced profitability. However, high standards of management can dramatically reduce postweaning losses and improve growth rates by moderating the stress of weaning. The shorter the suckling period, the more sophisticated the housing, feeding and management skills required to raise the weaners.

The present study was planned to investigate the effect of SANBIO additives for feed on the performance of weaners.

This project is being carried out within the collaboration between the collective farm KOLCHOZ FRUNSE – Russia, Belgorod State Agricultural University named after V. Gorin – Russia, GEOCON WEST – Russia and SANBOS GmbH – Germany.

During the 61-day-feeding period 150 weaners were assigned to treatments without and with supplementation of Sanbio SANA and Sanbio VITA to feed. The trial was run without adverse technical events (e.g. power failure, feed/water failures, etc.).

The study was executed by Belgorod State Agricultural University.

The pig farm “Kolchoz of Gorin” has provided the pigs, feed, building and staff.

Table 1. Treatments

Figure 2. Average daily gain (g/d)

2.  Conclusion

To summarize, the present study shows significantly positive effects of SANBIO products on productive performance.

The positive effects at a glance:

  • Safety and tolerance when used dietary additions
  • Safe feed
  • Increase of survival rate of weaners (+100%)
  • Increase of final body weight (+10.4%)
  • Improved feed conversion rate (9%).