Evaluation of performance of ferti-activator Sanbio EPSOMIT on the potato variety `Spunta´ in Tunisia

Téboulba, Tunisia (August 20, 2017) – The production of potato in Tunisia suffers from major problems in terms of yield, quality and production costs. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of ferti-activator Sanbio EPSOMIT on productivity of potato variety `Spunta´.

1. Materials

Location: Téboulba – Tunisia

Farmer: Ferme Noureddine

Product: Sanbio EPSOMIT, manufactured by SANBOS GmbH, Germany

Table 1. Product presentation of Sanbio EPSOMIT

Product name Composition Description Application
Sanbio EPSOMIT MgO + SO3 (18.2 + 35) Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, activated by SANBIO  Biocatalytical Stimulation Technology Fertilizer and biological activator (certified in France, Germany, EC, USA)Stimulation of plant growth and immunityBetter protection against fungal diseases and biotic and abiotic stressBetter control of factors favorable to plant growthBetter germination and growth of vegetation and development of roots and shootsBetter mobilization and assimilation of nutrientsEarly flowering and maturationIncreased production and improved quality Dosage: 1 kg / ha in 200-500 l of water   No. of application: 1-2   Mode of application: Foliar spray   Stage of application: 3-5 leaf stage  

2. Methods and results

Table 2. Methods and results

Data Control (untreated) Lot 1 (treated)
Potato variety Spunta Spunta
Area 0.5 ha 0.5 ha
Irrigation method Drip irrigation and rainfall Drip irrigation and rainfall
Fertilizer treatment + +
Herbicide treatment +
Fungicide treatment +
Stage of application of Sanbio EPSOMIT 5 leave stage
Dosage of Sanbio EPSOMIT 1.25 kg+ 500 L water per hectare
Number of application of Sanbio EPSOMIT 2
Mode of application Foliar spray
Date of planting 10/01/2017
Date of application of Sanbio EPSOMIT 01/03/2017 15/03/2017
Date of harvest 15/04/2017 15/04/2017
Yield (t/ha) 30 35

Figure 1. Timeline of season

Figure 2. Yield [q/ha]

4. Conclusion

“I have made two applications of Sanbio EPSOMIT and I am very convinced of this product. We found a very good vegetation and vigor of plants and no fungal disease and no stress. We increased production by eight tons per hectare, respectively +17%, and obtained good quality with an increase in size and a homogeneous product. I did not used fungicides and saved costs. There was no disease observed. I will use the product in the future continuously!” Ferme Noureddine

Picture 1. Field at early growth stage

Picture 2. Strong plants          

Picture 3. Heavy tubers         

Picture 4. Rich harvest