Evaluation of performance of ferti-activator Sanbio EPSOMIT on the production and sensitive parameters of apples variety ´Red Jona Prince´ in Germany

Höhnstedt, Germany (September 05, 2014) – This field trial is to demonstrate the efficacy of the lowest recommended dose of the ferti-activator Sanbio EPSOMIT by targeting production and sensitive parameters of apple trees variety ´Red Jona Prince´in comparison to untreated trees.

1.  Materials and methods

1.1 Basic data

Season:                       2014

Location:                    Höhnstedt – Saxony Anhalt – Germany

Trial organisation:      Obstproduktion Höhnstedt GmbH

Crop, variety:              Apple, variety ´Red Jona Prince´

Scoring:                      yield, diameter

Product:                     Sanbio EPSOMIT, manufactured by SANBOS GmbH, Germany

Dosage:                      1 kg/ha, 500 l water/ha

No. of application:      1

Mode of application:  foliar spray

Date of planting:        2010   

Date of application:   11/04/2014

Date of harvest:         18/09/2014

1.2 Product presentation

Table 1. Product presentation of Sanbio EPSOMIT

Product name Composition Description Application
Sanbio EPSOMIT MgO + SO3 (18.2 + 35) Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, activated by SANBIO  Biocatalytical Stimulation Technology Fertilizer and biological activator (certified in France, Germany, EC, USA)Stimulation of plant growth and immunityBetter protection against fungal diseases and biotic and abiotic stressBetter control of factors favorable to plant growthBetter germination and growth of vegetation and development of roots and shootsBetter mobilization and assimilation of nutrientsEarly flowering and maturationIncreased production and improved quality Dosage: 1 kg / ha in 200-500 l of water   No. of application: 1-2   Mode of application: Foliar spray   Stage of application: 3-5 leaf stage  

2.   Results

Table 2. Productive performance

Treatment   Control (untreated lot) EPSOMIT (treated lot)
Average diameter of apple (N=3 trees) mm 67 71
Total weight of harvest (N=10 trees) kg 179.33 191.19

Figure 1. Total weight of harvest (kg/10 trees) and average diameter (mm) compared to untreated lot

Picture 1. Foliar fertilization by spraying machine on 2014-04-11

Picture 2. Treated rows (left hand side) and untreated rows (right hand side)

Picture 3. Diameter and shape of apples from treated rows (left hand side) and untreated rows (right hand side)

5.  Conclusion

The present study shows significantly positive effects of SANBIO EPSOMIT on productive performance and sensitive parameter:

  • Higher harvest
  • Larger fruits (diameter, weight).