Evaluation of performance of SANBIO ferti-activators EPSOMIT and PLANTA on the productivity of citrus variety ´Maltese´ in Tunisia

Bi’r Marwah, Tunisia (March 10, 2017) – Citrus are strategic fruits of the Tunisian agriculture sector. Maltese oranges, navel oranges, clementines, lemons, and mandarins are the leading citrus crops grown in Tunisia. Production has steadily increased during the last decade mainly for export into EC. However, the farmers facing to huge challenges at the time, climate change, water supply, diseases and increased production costs.

The SANBIO ferti-activators can control biotic and abiotic stress and have positive impact to vegetative and resistive processes.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of simultaneous use of SANBIO ferti-activators EPSOMIT and PLANTA on productivity and quality of citrus variety ´Maltese´.

This project is being carried out within the collaboration between the SOTAM, Groupe SOROUBAT, Tunisia and SANBOS GmbH, Germany.

1.  Materials and methods

Table 1. Basic data

Season 2017
Location Bi’r Marwah, NE of Tunisia  

Picture 1: Orchad
Responsible organization SOTAM, Groupe SOROUBAT
Crop Citrus
Variety Maltaise demi sanguine
Trial field 1 block system, 550 ha, 416 trees per hectare
Pesticides None
Irrigation drip irrigation, salt content 0.8mg/L
Test product Sanbio EPSOMIT / PLANTA, manufactured by SANBOS GmbH, Germany
Application 2 kg SANBIO PLANTA + 500L water per ha, soil application 2 kg SANBIO EPSOMIT + 500L water per ha, foliar application, 14 days later
Date of planting 1990
Date of application 07/2016
Date of harvest 01/2017
Scoring Yield, caliber, profitability

2.   Results

Table 2. Productive performance

Treatment   Control (untreated lot) SANBIO (treated lot)
Total weight of harvest to/ha 48.1 52.4

Figure 1. Total weight of harvest (to/ha)

Figure 2. Profitability (Currency: Tunesian Dinar)

Picture 2. Orchad

Picture 3. Treated citrus tree

Picture 4. Fruits

3.  Conclusion

To summarize, the present study shows significantly positive effects by use of ferti-activators Sanbio PLANTA and Sanbio EPSOMIT on productive performance of citrus.

The positive effects at glance:

  • Higher harvest (weight, caliber)
  • Profitablity and higher benefit (ROI 154%).