SANBOS launches next generation root repair Sanbio VITAL

Gutenborn, Germany (November 01, 2019) – SANBOS GmbH will launch next generation of ferti-activator Sanbio VITAL powered by innovative Sanbio Biocytalytic Stimulation Technology. With the introduction of this next generation ferti-activator from SANBOS, farmers will be able to enjoy strong and long-lasting growth, pest and disease control with minimal dosage rate.

“We are very pleased to deliver our customers a new way of combating pest, crop diseases, stress factors and their negative impacts: Sanbio VITAL – the ultimate and unique immunity activator and growth stimulant.” said Mr. Jörg MEYER, General Manager, Sanbos GmbH. “With this new product, specifically developed to meet the needs of combination of root recovery, stress control and increase of productivity of all crops, farmers can benefit from outstanding multiple mode of action. The next generation type just needs half of the dosage rate compared to the formerly product generation. By that, the farmers can cut a half their costs and get more performance at the same time.”

Sanbio VITAL is a premium liquid concentrated immunity activator and growth stimulant used in fertigation for root recovery, stress control and increase of productivity of all crops. Sanbio VITAL with its powerful formulation acts in the plant cells and by that it triggers the defensive and vegetative processes in the plant. Sanbio VITAL increases the tolerance and resistance towards environmental and pathological stress by activating the whole plant physiological system. Sanbio VITAL activates the metabolism that results in enhanced development of root system, shoots, leaves, fruits, improved mobilization and assimilation of nutrients, vegetative growth, early flowering and maturation, improved fruit quality and long storage life.

The advantages of VITAL are:

  • Improving crop yield, quality and storage parameters
  • Increasing environmental stress tolerance
  • Higher resistance against infections and pests
  • Biological root repair
  • Enhancement of soil fertility
  • Better utilization of nutrients and water
  • Better growth under extreme conditions
  • Low dosage rate: 5-10 L /ha
  • 1-2 applications.