Evaluation of efficacy of feed additive Sanbio SANA on the performance and health of ruminants and milk quality, France

My way for more better milk and less somatic cells

Bois Bernard, France (August 02, 2017) – Modern high-performance cows make it necessary to cover the high energy demand through targeted and performance feed. If this fails, so will almost inevitably a one often latent and not perceived as such ruminal acidosis. Only when added other conditions and performance depression, the ruminal acidosis can be recognized. Typical of this complex of health and performance problems are fertility disorders, eating depression, ketosis, hoof diseases, mastitis and increased cell counts in the milk.

A number of studies show that feeding of cows with Sanbio SANA can reduce cell numbers and increases milk production. The effect of an optimized feeding is visible in particular farms with high somatic cell counts in the milk. The cell numbers decline continuously. This contributes to the health of the animals and gets their production value.

The objective of trial what to evaluate the efficiency of Sanbio SANA added into diets for dairy cows dairy cows fed Compared To similar diets but without addition of Sanbio SANA. The trial was performed according to the Best Practice Guideline by targeting the sensitive parameter procedure performance (somatic cell count regarding mastitis, milk production).

This project is being carried out within the collaboration between the SCEA de la Lugy – France, BIO EXPANSION SARL – France and SANBOS GmbH – Germany.

1.  Materials and methods

Table 1. Overview of the treatment applied to dairy cows

Responsible organization SCEA de la Lugy
Location 62320 Bois Bernard, France
Species Ruminant
Breed Holstein Friesian
Number 50 heads per control group, 50 heads per experimental group
Experimental product Sanbio SANA, manufactured by SANBOS GmbH, Germany
Rate 0.5 kg per tonne complete feed
Timetable Start trial: 2016-10-01 Start supplemention: 2017-01-01 End trial: 2017-03-30
Evaluation Milk production, protein, fat, somatic cell count

2.  Results

Figure 1. Milk production (Liter)

Figure 2. Milk quality

Figure 3. Somatic cell count

3. Conclusion

To summarize, the present study shows significantly positive effects of SANBIO SANA at the dosage of 0.05% of diet (resp. 0.5 kg per 1000 kg feed) on health status and productive performance.

The positive effects at a glance:

  • +4,4 Liter more milk per cow and day (resp. +18,4%)
  • Improved milk quality
  • Increased fat and protein content
  • Reduced somatic cell count
  • Effective absorption of mycotoxins and endotoxins
  • Improvement of health status
  • 0% of mortality
  • Safety and tolerance when used dietary additions.