Evaluation of efficacy of feed additive Sanbio SANA on the performance of egg-laying hens and prolongation of flock-use-period, Germany

How to extent the production time of egg-laying hens

Gera, Germany (July 01, 2017) – This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of supplementing laying hen drinking water with mineral additive Sanbio SANA on laying performance, egg quality, profitability. 1,100 Lohmann Brown Lite laying hens were supplied 70g experimental feed additive into 236 L drinking water per day. The flock has been reached his end of lifetime at the start of trial. Normally, the flock would be slaughtered. The aim of this study is to investigate if the flock use period could be prolonged due to supplementing. This study was conducted at an egg layer farm in the Thuringia province, Germany, which works according the high-level organic standard ´Naturland´. Feed and water were available ad libitum.

1.  Materials and methods

Table 1. Basic data

Responsible organization Meister Biowaren
Location Gera-Cretzschwitz, Thuringia, Germany
Standard Organic farming standard BIOLAND
Species Laying hens
Number 1,110 pcs
Breed Lohmann, brown
Experimental product Feed additive Sanbio SANA, manufactured by SANBOS GmbH, Germany
Application Apply with drinking water
Rate 70g in 236 L water per day
Start of trial 2016-07-20
Start of supplementation 2017-04-01
End of trial 2017-05-31
Supplementation 61 days
Trial period 315 days

A=Standard life-cycle of flock, downward trend at the end
B=Normally slaughtering of flock at end of life-cycle-point
  =Starting supplementation of SANA
C=Recovery of egg production
D=Time period of extended egg production (15% more eggs)
   =Reduced rate of cracked eggs (9.2% less)

Figure 1. Time course of egg-laying rate considering 315 days

Figure 2. Egg rate of extended production period of flock compared to standard production period

Figure 3. Number of cracked eggs

Figure 4: Profitability of Sanbio SANA on extension of production period of egg-laying hens (EUR), EUR=Currency EURO

3.  Conclusion

To summarize, the present study showed significantly positive effects of Sanbio SANA with the dosage of 0.03% of drinking water volume (resp. 70g per 236 Liters of water) on productive performance.

The positive effects at a glance:

  • No negative health relevant effects
  • Safety and tolerance when used dietary additions
  • Balancing of egg-laying rate
  • Extension of production period (+15% more eggs)
  • Reduction of cracked egg rate (-9.1%)
  • Profitability of supplementation (ROI 1:3.7)
  • Better exploitation of the investment.

4.  Photographs

Figure 5: Modern barn with outdoor enclosure

Figure 6: Indoor feeding system

Figure 7: Indoor water supply system and egg collecting system

Figure 8: Additional supply of hay

Figure 9: Hatchery

Figure 10: Outdoor area