Evaluation of efficacy of feed additives Sanbio SANA and Sanbio PURA on the performance of broiler chicken, Algeria

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Oum Bouaghi, Algeria (January 25, 2017) – As a primary source of animal protein, the poultry sector offers a valuable repository to bridge the gap between demand and the availability of balanced nutrition. Poultry production, particularly broiler production is the quickest way to increase the availability of high-quality protein for human consumption. Since the feed cost alone contributes to about 70-75% of the total cost of production, economically poultry production is, therefore, possible only when the feed cost is being reduced and efficiency of feed utilization is increased. The production of low-quality feed has created variety of problems for the broiler industry resulting in poor performance and lower returns. Some valuable nutrients in feed are wasted because the birds are not able to utilize them. This may be due to several reasons like lack of digestive enzymes, insufficient time for digestive activity, sub clinical infection and inadequate processing of feed ingredients. To achieve a profitable balance among the cost of feed, the broiler performance, and quality of product, certain additives; are available in the market for use in broiler ration. Claims have also been made by manufacturers for numerous others benefits like improved feed efficiency, more meat, dry droppings and effective defense against diseases and enhanced acceptability of the product.

The present study was therefore, planned to investigate the effect of Sanbio© feed additives on the performance of the broilers with the following objectives.

This project is being carried out within the collaboration between the GROUP CHIBANE – Algeria and SANBOS GmbH – Germany.

1.  Introduction

The feed additives Sanbio SANA and Sanbio PURA are intended to be evaluated for broiler chickens for fattening.

Therefore, the objective of trial was to evaluate the efficiency of Sanbio SANA and Sanbio PURA added into diets for broiler chickens from day 15 until 55 days of age compared to broiler chickens fed similar diets but without addition of these products. The trial was performed by targeting the sensitive parameters procedure performance (body weight, body weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio).

2.  Materials and methods

During the 55-day-trial period with total 4507 broiler chickens were assigned to treatments without and with supplementation of Sanbio SANA and Sanbio PURA starting with the age of 15 days. The productive performance (body weight, body weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio) was measured per pen (replicate unit) at day of age 15, 30 and 44.

The trial was run without adverse technical events (e.g. power failure, feed/water failures, etc.).

Figure 1. Time table of trial

Table 1. Data

* EBI European Broiler Index = Daily weight gain (g) x survival (%) / (10 x Feed conversion)

Figure 2. Productive performance (%)

Figure 3. Profitability of feed additives (%)

3.  Photographs

Figure 4. Pen with compartments

Figure 5. Flock

Figure 6. Graded feed

Figure 7. Starter diet

Figure 8. Grower diet

Figure 9. Ambient air temperature in pen

Figure 10. Weight recording of chicken of control group

Figure 11. Weight recording of chicken of experimental group (Sanbio SANA)

4.  Conclusion

To summarize, the present study showed significantly positive effects of Sanbio SANA at varying the minimum recommended dosage of 0.05% of diet (resp. 0.5kg per 1000 kg feed) on productive performance.

The positive effects at a glance:

  • No negative effects on bird health
  • Safety and tolerance when used dietary additions
  • Reduce of feed intake (-13.33%)
  • Increase of final body weight (+5%)
  • Improve of feed conversion rate (17.46%)
  • Increase of EBI European Broiler Index (+24%)
  • Reduced total costs for feed and supplements (-17.46%)